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What you’ll catch on your first fishing trip

Hey Anglers! A lot of people always ask what can I expect to catch on my first fishing excursion so here is some help. It really depends on the time of year as fish migrate a lot. The most active fish around for a sure catch are bluefish, redfish, trout, sheepshead and that’s during the winter. In the summer we focus on jacks, bonita and of course sharks and snapper. You can catch all these by booking a fishing trip with me, right here in Daytona and New Smyrna Beach! Till then tight lines.  
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Fishing Tips with Captain Brad!

Hey there Anglers! Barometric pressure is something lot of fishermen never take it into consideration when fishing. Some fish are more tolerable than other species because there bladder is larger. I keep an eye on the barometric pressure here in Daytona beach, New Smyrna beach, and one of my favorite areas mosquito lagoon, because it does effect our fish here in there feeding habits. Being a charter Captain can be very challenging so using every arsenal in your box is very important. The pressure is important. Knowing if its dropping or rising, if its going to rain or a frontal
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Fall Fishing Report for Daytona Beach!

Hey there Anglers! Our cold fronts are finally starting to push through the state here and hopefully we’ll start to flush some of the fresh water out of the saltwater after all these hurricanes that have passed. Still lots of dirty water around but it’s slowly flushing out making for a lot better fishing now. Our Mullet Run is in full swing here in Daytona Beach, flounder have started to move in offshore now. We’re catching these fish with an 8 ounce jig head tipped with either shrimp, or mullet. A paddle tail jig gulp baits usually work good anywhere
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